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Energy bills are set to rise again in October. Our new government must act to protect households and bring down bills for good.

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We need emergency support now and a long term plan to lower bills for good

We all deserve to be warm in our own home, but right now the soaring price of gas means that many millions of people are struggling to pay their energy bills. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The UK has the means to solve the energy price crisis – but it will take action from government. We’re demanding that the UK government helps those people who need it now and fixes the UK’s broken energy system for good.

Here’s what we need

Emergency support now

Help to upgrade homes

Access to cheap, renewable energy

Free us from expensive oil & gas

How can we afford these energy bills?

Over the past three years, soaring energy bills have meant that more than a third of the UK population – many millions of people –  struggling to afford to heat their home.

Since the start of the crisis, households are on average £2500 worse off from higher than normal energy bills, and are still spending hundreds of pounds more a year than before the crisis.

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Worryingly, today’s high energy costs are not a ‘one off’ ...

Gas prices are predicted to stay high until at least 2025. It means that, without action to fix the UK's broken energy system, energy bills will stay unaffordable for millions of people for years to come.

Only the government can solve this crisis.

The government needs to act to lower energy bills now and in the future.

The Warm this Winter campaign is demanding that the government helps those people who need it now and fixes the UK’s broken energy system.

That means giving more emergency support to millions of people this winter who won't be able to afford to heat their homes; providing funding to help people cut their bills by insulating and upgrading their home heating systems; and rapidly moving the country away from expensive gas and onto cheaper, homegrown renewable energy.

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While high gas prices are outside of our control, the UK government has the power to lower bills.

The UK has the solutions it needs to reduce energy costs – we have some of the best renewable resources in Europe, for example – but we need this government to act now and in the interests of the whole country. We need government action to solve this crisis

For too long the UK government has listened to the oil and gas corporations that control where our energy comes from, and the housebuilders who aren’t concerned with creating energy efficient homes. The government urgently needs to shift its attention to the solutions that help all of us – energy efficiency and a cheap supply of renewables – rather than the profits of a handful of companies.

We know that with enough public pressure the government will act – just like they did over free school meals.

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Our demands

Emergency support now

More government help with energy bills to stop people being pushed into poverty this winter. Learn more below, or see our briefing here.

We are demanding that the government provides more emergency support now for people pushed into poverty by energy bills. The bigger than expected rise in gas prices means that its current support package isn’t enough. The extra funds will make sure everyone can stay warm this winter.

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Help to upgrade homes

Government funding to help people cut their bills  through better insulation and new heating systems. Learn more below, or see our briefing here.

We are demanding that the government funds a national effort to help upgrade everyone’s home – through better insulation and new heating systems – street by street, town by town, so that we aren’t facing the same crisis in future. This is the cheapest and quickest way to lower all our bills, by permanently stopping waste, but many of us – because of the upfront cost or we’re in social or rented housing – need the government to help.

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Access to cheaper energy

Rapidly expand cheap renewable energy, in harmony with nature, to lower bills permanently. Learn more below, or see our briefing here.

We are demanding the government speeds up the rollout of cheaper renewables so that everyone can benefit from an affordable supply of energy. Clean, renewable energy is now nine times cheaper than gas and can be brought online quickly. Renewables can also generate money for communities and are popular around the country.

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Free us from oil and gas

Stop opening up new oil and gas developments so we're not locked into expensive energy for longer than necessary. Learn more below, or see our briefing here.

We are demanding that the government stops opening up new oil and gas fields – and stops subsidising new drilling with public money – because it keeps us locked into an unaffordable energy for far longer than necessary. The government has admitted that more North Sea gas won’t lower our energy bills: the gas doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to companies who sell it at the highest price they can get. The government needs to free us by stopping new drilling and putting its efforts into building a cheaper energy supply.

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