Join the Big Energy Credit Claim Back!

If you pay for your energy by direct debit, you’ll build up credit on your account over the summer to cover the cost of higher energy use in winter. Spreading the cost over the year this way should leave you with a minimal amount of credit in May or June.

But that’s not what’s happening. Energy firms are taking more in direct debits than they need to, sitting on money that belongs to you. It’s time to claim it back.

Claim back your credit

We did the research into claiming back your credit for the eight major energy companies, and launched the Big Energy Credit Claim Back on 22nd May with a guide on how to get back your unused credit. Thousands of people signed up to take part and claim back their credit, sending a message to energy companies that customers are fed up with being taken for a ride.

The action is now over, as now is a good time to start building up the right amount of credit again ahead of the winter. But the campaign continues. We're calling for energy firms to automatically refund excess credit at the right time each year to protect households and slash annual energy bills. Find out more here.