Day of Action on Fuel Poverty


As the nights draw in and more and more people face a difficult winter, we’re uniting to show that it doesn’t have to be this way - the solutions exist and we’ve known what they are for a long time.

Join us on 3rd December for a UK-wide Day of Action on Fuel Poverty, as we demand action from this government to keep everyone warm this winter.

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A photo of a group of people standing together holding Warm This Winter signs and banners in Parliament Square with the Palaces of Westminster in the background.

Why now?

The Day of Action on Fuel Poverty will contribute to a flurry of action on fuel poverty at the start of December and immediately follow Fuel Poverty Awareness Day on December 2nd. We’re working with groups and communities to put on events and actions in villages, towns and cities up and down the country. We’re planning a huge display of people power to show we have the solutions to the energy crisis and they need to be implemented now.

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On 3rd December, 6 weeks after the new Prime Minister has taken office, we’ll come together and demand solutions to the energy and cost of living crisis. Across the UK, we will demand the Government provides:

1) Emergency support now: Providing a new package of financial support to people who without urgent action will be on the front-line of poverty this winter.
2) Help to upgrade homes: Launching a new, properly-funded programme of home upgrades and insulation across the UK to bring down bills and prevent energy waste.
3) Cheap energy: More than triple the amount of renewable energy in the UK by 2030, including wind and solar generated in harmony with nature, so that we can permanently lower bills.
4) Free us from oil and gas: Stop approving new oil and gas fields so we can escape our dependence on volatile fossil fuels.

Here's how to take part

Events and activities will be distributed around the country showing the breadth of demand for change. Actions and events can look like anything you would like them to.

They can range from a small gathering of friends and family to discuss the issues we’re facing, a stall in your town centre or an event in a local community hall or park. You could share leaflets and information about the campaign and how people can stay warm this winter, it could be a visual stunt making the most of your creative talents, or a demonstration or town hall event where folk can come and hear people speak. You decide what will work for you and your community. Whatever it is, however big or small, it will help spread the word and make it clear that we demand change. 

As much as possible we’re encouraging groups to work together, so if you see an event in your area already on the list below then get in touch with that group to see how you can help. You can add your event to the list by registering it via the form below.

Joining in online

If you can't make it to your local event, or there isn't something happening near you, you can still be part of the Day of Action online! Here's how you can get involved:

  • You can take part in's simple digital action, taking a photo to show that hot water bottles and woolly hats aren't enough to keep us warm this winter - we need government intervention. Find out more here!
  • You can help to shine a spotlight on this national moment, by following our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and the hashtag #WarmThisWinter, and re-sharing posts about the day


  • Action guide 
    This document will continue to be updated with guidance on running events, collaborating with other groups, outreach and promotion, logistics and template press releases.
  • Template press release & guidance
    Guidance on how to get media coverage of your event, including a step-by-step guide and a template press release.
  • Social media toolkit - promoting your event
    This toolkit contains template posts you can use across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help promote your event on your social media channels in the run-up to the Day of Action.
  • Flyers
    Ready-to-print double-sided A5 flyers to share information about the campaign at your event.
  • Banner
    A Warm This Winter banner that can be printed to help bring your event to life!
  • Placards
    Want some placards to hold up at your event to highlight the campaign demands? Look no further!
  • Content capture guide
    How to take great photos and videos at your event with the permissions you need, and how to send them to Warm This Winter.
  • Campaign Q&A
    All the information you need to explain the campaign's demands and answer questions about them!
  • Social media toolkit - amplifying your event on the day
    Some guidance and sample posts to help share what's happening at your event on the day itself, and create a buzz around the day of action.

Register your event

On Saturday 3rd December, we'll come together with people from across the climate movement, the poverty movement, disability and housing movements and more, taking action alongside our communities and in solidarity with those hardest hit by the crises we face. If you want to host an event, fill out the form below and we’ll list it on this webpage and share it with Warm This Winter campaign partners.

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Join an event

If you aren’t able to organise an event and want to join an existing one, check out the list of events happening across the UK. We’ll also be scheduling a digital event for folks that would prefer to join remotely or aren’t able to make it to an existing event.

If you have questions or thoughts on the December 3rd Day of Action you can get in touch with the team at