Email Your MP About The Energy Bill Today!


Your MP has a voice in Parliament. As the Energy Bill returns to Parliament on Tuesday 5th September 2023, it is crucial that they attend and support amendments to tackle the cost of living crisis and lower energy bills for good.

Caroline Lucas MP is hosting a debate on Fossil Fuels and Increases in the Cost of Living in Parliament at Westminster Hall on the 11th of January from 9.30am to 11am. It's a great opportunity for us to show MPs why fixing the cost of living crisis means taking the leap away from fossil fuels - and why it needs to happen now. But first, we need to get MPs in the hall.

Open letter to the Prime Minister:

Urgently back common-sense solutions to keep people warm this winter.

Write to your MP now about the Energy Bill.

UPDATE: The Energy Bill returns to Parliament on Tuesday 5th September, and it’s the last real chance for debate on what gets passed into law. This is a critical opportunity for MPs to take action on the cost-of-living crisis and fix our broken energy system for good. That's why we're asking you to email your MP urgently today and ask them to attend the debate and support our amendments.

The Energy Bill is the first piece of legislation to be passed by the new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. It’s a chance for the government to take meaningful action on the root causes of the energy crisis.

If we want this bill to make a difference, we need MPs to attend the debate tomorrow and support amendments to:

  • Stop energy firms from forcibly transferring people onto expensive pre-payment meters (PPMs) by banning the forced movement to PPMs.
  • ‍Put an end to cold, damp homes for the most vulnerable by raising minimum energy efficiency standards of private rented sector homes.

We have already made massive progress on improving the bill and the Warm This Winter coalition has managed to table several amendments to make up for what was missing in the original bill.

Together, we can make sure that this bill makes a real difference and show the government that energy is the top priority for us all. 

There's a template you can use, but a more personal message can make a big impact. If you're able to, you could make your email more powerful by writing in your own words and telling your MP about your own experience of the current crisis and what it means for your local community. If your MP has signed the Warm This Winter pledge (check here), thank them and highlight this as an opportunity to act on their promise.

Writing tips:

  • Start by introducing yourself as a constituent, and explaining why this matters to you.
  • Mention that the Energy Bill is a critical opportunity to secure funding for energy efficiency & renewables, stop energy price rises, and support onshore wind and solar.
  • Share any personal stories or experiences you have had with fuel poverty or struggling to pay your energy bills.
  • Urge your MP to attend the debate tomorrow, and show that energy is a top priority for voters.
  • End by thanking your MP for their time and asking for their support in keeping everyone warm every winter.
  • Be polite! Remember that there’s a real person on the other end reading your email.

With your help, we can seize this crucial moment and put pressure on the government to take action and fix our broken energy system for good.

If you are an MP who would like to add your name to the open letter, please contact us at: