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For millions of us around the country, energy bills are already unaffordable. But from 1st April, the amount we pay will rise again. And while UK households have struggled to keep warm this winter, oil and gas giants have been raking in record profits.

It couldn't be clearer that our energy system is broken - but only the government has the power to fix it. So we're coming together this spring to demand lasting change from our MPs in a mass lobbying effort to hold this government to account.

Join us on 1st April and ask your MP to sign the pledge to help keep everyone warm every winter.

How to take partFind an event
A photo of a large group of people gathered in Parliament Square, London, looking towards the camera and cheering. The people are wearing orange hats and scarves and carrying banners and placards, with one gigantic banner being held up in the middle that says "We demand to be Warm This Winter".

Why now?

On April 1st, the prices we pay for our energy will rise once again.

As Grant Shapps has been keen to point out, gas prices have now fallen to pre-crisis levels, and analysts are forecasting that the typical annual bills will drop this Autumn to around £2100, which is still more than double what we were paying in 2020. But, this is not before the government is set to cut the support available to households in fuel poverty by ending the Energy Bills Support Scheme. In short, in 2023 we will see bills going up and support going down with millions spending another winter in cold damp homes.

Here's how to take part

In short:

  • Get in touch with your MP to arrange a meeting, on or as close as possible to April 1st, and ask them to sign the pledge.
  • Invite others from your community.
  • Register your meeting on the map so others can join.
Download the action guide below to find out more.
Download the action guide

Joining in online

If you can't make it to your local event, or there isn't something happening near you, you can still be part of the Mass Lobby online! Here's how you can get involved:

  • Email your MP and ask them to sign the Warm This Winter pledge here.
  • Sign up to receive emails about the campaign and how you can get involved from home here.
  • You can help to shine a spotlight on this national moment, by following our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and the hashtag #WarmThisWinter, and re-sharing posts about the day.

Join an event

Here's how to use the map below to check if there's already an event on 1st April that you can join, or if you need to create one yourself:

  1. Enter your postcode in the search box.
  2. Any existing events will appear in the list, and as orange dots on the map.
  3. If no events appear, you'll be invited to organise an event - click the button for further instructions to create your event.
  4. If the events listed near you are not with your MP, you can use the "Host your own event" button below the map to create an event with your own MP.

Please note: we review all events before they go live, so don't worry about your event not appearing automatically! We will get in touch with event organisers if more than one event in the same place is created at the same time.

Request materials

To help make your meeting a success, you can bring an MP pledge card for your MP to take a photo with to show their support, or placards to show what the campaign is demanding.

**The order form to request an MP pledge card or placards to be sent to you is now closed.**

However, you can still download them below to print at home or at a local printer. Note: the designs are A3 sized.

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Download materials

You can download the MP Pledge Card or placards for the campaign demands here, so you can print them yourself!

Download MP Pledge CardDownload Placards

If you have questions or thoughts on the mass lobby on 1st April, you can get in touch with the team at